Mission Statement

To provide Financial Capital and Education to the poorest entrepreneurs in this world. To empower each individual to become self-reliant. To provide for meaningful, life-changing ways that will give each family a chance to regain their dignity with means to sustain themselves independently. To eradicate chronic poverty forever with Education and Micro loans.



Founder & CEO

America Tang

America Tang, Founder and CEO of Lending Hope Foundation in 2009 is currently the CEO of Ace Fence Co., a mid size Specialty Construction Company located in the City of Industry, CA. America is from Chinese descend, but born in Lima, Peru . At the age of 14, she moved with her family to Madrid, Spain where she finished her High School and started her first year at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. Her family moved again in 1974 to Los Angeles, California. She finished her studies at Cal State Los Angeles, majoring in International Business. Her unique background gave her the chance to speak three languages: Chinese Cantonese, Spanish and English. Having the cultural background from China, traveled to many countries and lived in three very diverse countries, namely Peru, Spain and the U.S., she has seen both sides of the Economic Spectrum and understands the tremendous disparity in the livelihood of each. She has lived and personally observed the harsh conditions of living for so many, even only within blocks away from people of opulence and financial stability. Her Vision is to create an awareness in the consciousness of the more fortunate and to instill in us the simple notion that if we all join forces, we can level the plane field by extending our hands in giving that one initial assistance for those willing to make the effort to step out of their chronic poverty and have the dignity to provide for themselves and their immediate families. You may read more information on America Tang on Wikipedia.



Lending Hope

Milton Chow is CFO and Broker of a mortgage firm in South Pasadena. He is married with two kids in college. He was born in Houston, Texas and raised in Nicaragua. Fluent in English and Spanish he attended Cal State University, Los Angeles where he obtained a BS in Business Administration. For the past 25 years he has been financing residential and commercial real estate transactions. He joined Lending Hope Foundation to help change the lives of many families in some of the poorest areas of the world. His objective is to help finance the dreams of entrepreneurs who many times must decide between investing in their businesses or putting food on their table.

Chief Financial Officer

Alina Chu

Alina Chu was born in Lima, Peru. She speaks three languages: English, Spanish and Chinese Cantonese. Alina is a veritable fixture in the real estate community, Alina Chu bring nearly three decades of escrow experience to her position as Escrow Officer and co-manages  American Trust Escrow. Her dedication and love of the business led to the opening of her own escrow company in 1986 which she operated with her sister and two other partners until it was sold to Land America. She joined American Trust Escrow's San Marino office in 2010.


She is an ardent supporter of Lending Hope Foundation and champions the cause of Lending Hope because, as a businesswoman herself, she knows that Lending Hope is providing an invaluable assistance with a practical model to improve the livelihood of thousands underprivileged families around the world. 


Aida Tang

Aida Tang has an extensive background in cross-cultural negotiations. She has worked as a trade liaison for the Embassy of Spain, Trade Commission Office in Los Angeles. She worked in the publishing industry dealing with the U.S. Hispanic market, Latin America and Spain, selling content to print and online publications. She is currently working as Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer for Sierra Land Group, Inc., a privately owned real estate development company. She was born in Lima Peru and moved to Madrid, Spain at the age of 12. She is now settled in Los Angeles, California. She has a B.A. in French and an International Business Certificate from California State University Los Angeles. She is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Chinese Cantonese. "Being a part of Lending Hope Foundation, giving a 'lending' hand to those less fortunate, is a most rewarding experience."

General Manager, Peru

Ana Maria Lonetti Galdo

I am honored to be able to contribute to this just and much needed cause. Our Country will benefit from it greatly. Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Universidad Pacifico, Second degree in Communications, Tourism and Hotel from Universidad San Martin de Porres. Painter and Writer. My paintings can be seen in several galleries and can be seen in the Asociación de Arte Peruano. Radio and TV Producer. I currently have several Radio programs in Lima, the most famous of them all is Peru Mujer in Radio Miraflores.

Chief Financial Officer, Peru

Maritza Hartley

Info Coming Soon.

Institutional Image, Peru

Gian Piero Mubarak

'Perú needs Young people with the desire to develop an Enterprising Society.' Gian Piero is mostly remembered for his endearing role as young Pedrito in a TV Novel called 'Travesuras del Corazon,' which aired in several countries in South America, Mexico and even in Univision in the United States. He is in his Third year in Industrial Engineering at the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola. Radio and TV Producer Currently Directing and Conducting the Radio program " Los Correcaminos " in Radio Miraflores. (Rated as the No. 1 most heard program in Lima today) General Manager of TAO Imports.

India and Nepal Director

Patricia Rodriguez

Patricia was born in Barranco, Lima, Peru. From an early age she always liked to volunteer to help others. At age 14 she volunteered with the Red Cross in Lima and she continued this work until she left Peru to come to the U.S. when she was 19 years old. Once in Los Angeles, she attended Pasadena City College and later continued to graduate as a Nurse. She worked at the Beverly Hospital in Montebello for 11 years: 5 years in the Medical Surgical Unit and 6 years in the Special Care Unit. She was the owner of Inka Trails Peruvian Restaurant from 2000 to 2015, a successful restaurant in the City of Claremont. She owned a second Restaurant, Caral Peruvian Grill from 2012 to 2015.She has been volunteering year after year to the PAMS (Peruvian American Medical Society) Medical Missions to the Province of Ayacucho in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Patty has gone twice to help Haiti in its hours of need after the devastating earthquake of 2010 where over 200,000 people died. Her latest Medical Missions have been to Cambodia and with World Healthcare Partners she has gone several times already to India and Nepal.
“Throughout my life I have had this inner desire to use all my available time to do things that are within my capabilities to help the less fortunate. I enjoy doing this. It fills me up with a sense of purpose and I am always grateful to Divinity for giving me the precious life I live; a supportive loving family, wonderful friends that also generously volunteer themselves and the health and strength of body and mind to continue working in this labor of love.”
She is married to Frank Rodriguez for 23 years and have 2 children: Natalie and Favian.