Mission Statement

To provide Financial Capital and Education to the poorest entrepreneurs in this world. To empower each individual to become self-reliant. To provide for meaningful, life-changing ways that will give each family a chance to regain their dignity with means to sustain themselves independently. To eradicate chronic poverty forever with Education and Micro loans.


Entrepreneurs in Need

Bharat Mijar-Shoe Fabrication-$300

Help us turn his dreams into reality

Bhawani Khatri-Vegetable Farming-$200

Help us turn her dreams into reality


Jujubhai Ranjitkar-Grocery Shop-$300

Help us turn his dreams into reality


Krishna Kumari Kayastha-Duck Farm-$250

Help us turn her dreams into reality

Laxmi Khadka-Cow Farm-$400

Help us turn her dreams into reality


Radha Thapa-Restaurant-$250

Help us turn her dreams into reality

Victor Tarazona: Overcoming Adversity - Loan amount needed US$157.00.

Adornos Julia

At age 4 Victor was run down by a bus in front of his house. He has been a paraplegic since. Today, Victor is 24 years old and he has learned to fight against the odds. He has studied computers and graphic design through a scholarship he won four years ago. Through all odds and adversity he decided to start his own business. He has a small business located in Monumental Market in Puente Piedra, Lima called 'Adornos Julia', in honor of his mother. He sells artificial flowers and gift items for special occasions

Alejandrina Cortez Carbonel - Loan amount needed US$320.00

Restaurante Rosita

I would like to improve the livelihood of my family. I am fortunate to have the support of my husband. I am easy going, patient, hard working and I am a dreamer. Although I know I face competition, envy, indifference, higher prices and fear of failure, I want to be able to start my own restaurant to offer good food at reasonable prices to the town people. I need to purchase tables and chairs, a display stand, a tent, my own propane tank, two large pots and utensils.

Carmen Pisconte Ortiz – Loan amount needed US$314.00

Detalles en Madera (Woodwork: Doors (plywood, carved), dressers, dinning room tables, hutch, office furniture, bedroom furniture, etc.)

I am honest, responsible and treat people with respect. I have a hard time saving money, being organized and getting the job done on time but I want to make improvements in my life. With the loan I would be able to purchase the plywood and acrylic thinner I need urgently to continue with my work. Eventually, I would like to purchase better equipment which will speed up my work and be more efficient

Carmen Yarleque - Loan amount needed US$450.00

Manufacture of purse, wallets, bags

I want to thank the representatives of Association of Pueblo Grande and Lending Hope Foundation, who have taught, guided and given me hope to fulfill my dream, which is having my own business.

I want very much to grow and fulfill my dream. I know that I can do it with dedication, will power, lots of sacrifice and hard work. I have also learned that I will not always be successful in my business and that I am able to assume those risks. That I have to fight adversity because I have learned to trust myself thanks to your business courses, guidance and support. Thank you for the time you spent with each one of us because if we had doubts you gave us the strength and built our self confidence. Thank you for teaching us that we can learn from our mistakes and that will help us improve our business day by day. We will always be thankful to you and again, to all the representatives of Pueblo Grande and Lending Hope, thank you for helping us achieve our dreams.

With lots of affection and respect, a business entrepreneur,

Carmen Yarleque

Enrique Agrega Villanueva - Loan amount needed US$417.00

Printing and gift shop (printing of cards, invoices and receipts, memorabilia, gift articles)

I want to take advantage of the opportunity that has been offered me through the business courses from the Association of Pueblo Grande and Lending Hope Foundation so I can open my printing and gift shop. My problem is that I cannot save money and I have been living day by day. With this opportunity offered to me I can now see a future.

Gloria Ramirez Castillejo – Loan amount needed US$200.00

Bodega Pamelita (food market)

I am 23 years old and I like to open my market to satisfy the needs of my neighbors because I like to help people and at the same time I can be independent since I do not like to be depending on anyone. With the loan I can get the supplies for my market which I will start at home. I will be organized, give a good service and offer a good variety of products.

. _____________________– Loan amount needed US$347.00

Manufacture and repair of mattresses

I want to thank Lending Hope for the opportunity it has given me to grow little by little and to prosper in this harsh life. I am studying mattress making in the special school Luis Braile. I also have other jobs (bread business, musician). I need to find a furniture store where I can sell the mattresses and in the future, have my own furniture store.

Gloria Trujillo Medrano – Loan amount needed US$300.00

Boutique Bazaar (clothing store)

I would like to have a successful store within the clothing industry and obtain the acceptance and recognition at a national level. The loan will help me stock the store to offer more clothing choices, two mannequins and gift items. I communicate well with people; I am a happy person and can recognize constructive criticism.

Humberto Eduardo Flores Francia – Loan amount needed US$300.00

Tienda Luis Berger (sale of torches, folders, files, piñatas and party supplies)

For me the meaning of strength is being strong, have vitality, assurance in confronting any problem that may come up. In times that [problems] comes up we have to take the opportunity of whatever it is. It is when we feel weak and we can no longer continue. When someone intimidates or threatens us. I work hard. I am friendly, honest and an entrepreneur.

Yuli Cucho Mortacero – Loan amount needed US$ 322.00

Golosinas y Antojitos Cuchita – (Candies and Cravings Cuchita)

I need to buy an oven so I can make my own cakes, empanadas and desserts. I need a display case. In Summer I make fruit sorbet pops so I would need milk, sugar,fruits by the box (wholesale). I would like to increase my business capital so I can stock my business properly. In five years my business will have grown and will have better food quality, clientele and good service. I will no longer work on the streets but I will have my own shop and I will have other people working for me. My clients will have their needs satisfied.

Hilda Karina Rioja Manco – Loan amount needed US$462.00

Bodega Luis Berger (Grocery store)

There is no grocery store in my neighborhood and I think that it would be a good idea to open a grocery store to satisfy the immediate needs of the neighborhood. It would be more comfortable for them to buy in the neighborhood and they would get good service. I am responsible, honest and communicate well although I am too trusting and sometimes insecure.

Jessica Calderon Aguilar – Loan amount needed US$347.00

Store (school supplies)

I want to start selling school supplies like folders, notebooks, markers, paper, glue, erasers and some small toys. Later on I would like to expand into a Bazaar and also sell plastic bags, plates, glasses and clothing. With the loan I can buy the supplies and display rack. I want to improve myself and discover new skills.

Juan Lizandro Cochache Barreto – Loan amount needed US$1,200.00 (immediate need US$270)

Manufacture of backpacks

I already paid half of my Edging Machine so my urgent need would actually be to buy the motor and the large bars (US$270). I can continue making payments on my Edging Machine (balance owed US$930). School season has already started and I want to supply all the kids with a quality backpack. Whatever you can loan me will be welcome so I can get my family ahead. If you decide to give me a loan or not I am thankful for everything. I have learned something good with our guides and also that there are people out there who trust us, even if they do not know us.Thank you Lending Hope Foundation and America Tang.

Lizbeth Milagros Bravo Leon – Loan amount needed US$373.00

Anticucheria Camilita (Barbacue cow hearts, gizzards, tripes, chicken wings, corn on the cob, chicha (purple corn drink) and mazamorra (jello made from purple corn).

I need to buy tables, chairs, utensils and food items. I want my shop to be large enough to be comfortable and clean for many clients who will be satisfied with my products. I am responsible, organized, thrifty and work hard. My vision will be to give work to others who need it and to teach them what I have learned.

Mariella Trujillo de Zaualeta – Loan amount needed US$317.00

Venta Ceviche y raspadillas (Fast food: ceviche and shaved ice)

I want to sell ceviche because there is a good demand in Santa Rosa and not much competition. I have a small candy shop and I tried selling this nutritious dish and saw that I could make some money. Also people who tried it liked it very much so I thought of focusing in this business. One of my weak points is that I am so ignorant of so many things and people convince me easily. I dedicate this project to my family, especially to give them an example that if you are perseverant you can accomplish what you want. I also thank god who is the one who can do everything and give everything. Also I give thanks to my parents who have showed me the way and now I am who I am. Of course, also thank you for the great help, from all of you, who give us hope to keep on going. Thank you.

Mercedes Gladys Terreros de Ubillus – Loan amount needed US$110.00

Cart selling bread, coffee, tea, yogurt, eggs, milk, sugar, chocolate, cookies, candies, sodas

My cart will be stationed in front of the School Fe y Alegria. I can sell breakfast and lunch food and cold cuts. My family and I share ideas and I have a strong will to improve my life. I will do all the baking at home. I would like to be self sufficient and have something for myself later on.

Maruja Sifuentes Yanac – Loan amount needed US$250.00

Libreria y Bazar Chely (school supplies, gift items)

I need to purchase a display stand, papers, notebooks, markers, coloring pencils, pencils, pens, tapes, balloons, stuffed toys. With this shop I can help my family financially and I can keep busy since I like to work and spend time doing something beneficial. I will be able to provide the schools with the supplies they need at good prices and within a short walking distance.

Milagros Salazar Cachique – Loan amount needed US$348.00

Sale of cheese to the public

I would like to buy a refrigerator and a scale so I can expand my cheese business. I want to offer good service to my clients and also be fair with the weights and prices. If Lending Hope will approve my loan, I promise I will pay my loan weekly.

Alcides Manuel Rojas Herrera – Loan amount needed US$815.00

Photography, videos and mementos

I want to implement my workshop with audio and video accessories, systems for filming, copying of DVDs and CDs, batteries, DVD recorders. I need a Wytron Tower for US$600; filming system for US$95.00 and auxiliary battery for film maker US$120. I would like to provide photographic and filming services at weddings, birthdays, social events. I love opportunities and I will fight to make them materialize. I am passionate for challenges because I believe that god equipped me with the talents and the virtues to overcome them. I respect others because they create the work that will become my sustenance through the work I can provide them

Miriam A. Ochoa – Loan amount needed US$278.00

Fast foods cart

I would like to buy a table and six chairs so that my clients will be more comfortable. Also, a display rack where I can show the products I sell and include some pastries that I want to add to my products. I would also like to put a floor so that the locale will be more attractive, clean and neat; and a canvas awning, because it rains in winter and people do not come to eat. Some of my weaknesses are not being organized, insecure, fear and lose motivation. I have the support of my family and the strength to work so I can come ahead.

Mirian Soledad Valverde Ramos – Loan amount needed US$324.00

Clothing store

I would like to have my own clothing store where I can offer my neighborhood the comfort of buying quality clothes without having to go far. I know that there are people who work until very late at night and it is difficult for them to go shopping, so I can bring my products to their homes.

Petronilla Huaripata Huaripata – Loan amount needed US$300.00

Bazaar Petro - Clothing and shoe store

I would like to sell my products from house to house so that my clients can try them out at their leisure. I will have a variety of colors and styles to offer and also have seasonal items. I will also offer shoes to go with the clothes. I am a fighter, honest, patient and a happy person. Some of the problems I face is giving credit to clients and they are very slow to make their payments. Some lie to me.

William Jimenez Morales – Loan amount needed US$652.00

Juice and candy store

I would like to purchase the following:

1. Stove with oven US$138.00
2. Refrigerator US$312.00
3. Display stand US$139.00
4. Utensils US$28.00
5. Supplies US$ 35.00

I will be able to offer a place where people can spend a nice time to refresh and nourish themselves. I have a supporting family where we share ideas and I would like to take this opportunity of learning and having the possibility of opening my own business.

Rosa America Mota Ynsil – Loan amount needed US$398.00

Boutique-Bazaar (clothes, gifts, linen, toys)

I thank you for giving me the opportunity to prosper in my personal and business aspect with the financial help that you will provide. Also thank you for teaching me about the value of money. In this group I was able to make new friends and I thank god for this opportunity and for people like you that support others in need. Thank you very much.

Sonia E. Cabrera Vega – Loan amount needed US$596.00

School supplies and Bazaar (notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, folders, coloring pencils, scissors, all types of paper)

I am responsible, hard working, patient, happy and I have a dream. My weaknesses are lack of communication, organization, insecurity and too trustworthy. I face competition, envy and shoplifting. I am thankful for the opportunity to open my own shop and to learn from the business courses to continue working and discover new talents.

Rosa Galindo Peña – Loan amount needed US$700.00

Taylor shop and costume rentals

The most important item I need is an overlock machine. I want to be able to make quality costumes, school uniforms, clothes for schools and learning institutions. I will give clients my personal attention and treat them with honesty and respect

Rosa Soto – Loan amount needed US$200.00

School supplies and Bazaar

I would like to cover the needs of the students with school supplies and gift items. I am sincere, honest and I solve my own problems. I can see my business prospering. I will take advantage of this opportunity to accomplish my goal.

Teresita Perez Guevara – Loan amount needed US$392.00

Creaciones Mia - Taylor shop

I would like to create my own clothing line. I need a work table, a mannequin and supplies. I am an optimist, patient, persistent and one who knows how to take advantage of opportunities. Thank you to Lending Hope Foundation for their teachings so that I can continue with my project and go forward.

José Luis Cotello Macedo - Loan amount needed US$672.00

Comercial Cotillo Norabuena – Sale of beds, mattresses, drawers, TV stands, plastic products, pots and pans, linen, etc. Sale is by credit.

I would like to offer quality household products at low prices and ease of payment terms. I want to expand my business into Carabayllo and Puente Piedra which will help me improve economically and improve the wellbeing of my family.

Escalerita al Cielo - Loan needed for US$182.00

Bertha Chacón - Growth in Business is growth in the family

I would like to improve my fast food business and be able to offer more variety and move to a better location. Thanks to god I have a wonderful family that is very united. I really want to better myself. I am honest, patient; take charge and I am not afraid of hard work. I do not have the means to save any money. My goal is to have a prosperous restaurant in a good location to serve the community of Santa Rosa with quality good food and service. I want my customers to feel comfortable and satisfied.

Help Bertha,

Lubricentro Doris - Loan needed US$185.00

Doris Abascal Narciso

I would like to improve the quality of life of my family. I am honest, patient, a team worker, a decision maker, have good will and one who takes advantage of opportunities. Some weaknesses are: (a) difficulty in saving money; (b) too trustworthy; (c) need to organize time better; and (d) set defined goals. My job is to provide lubricants to motorists and consumers. I would like to offer them a wider range of products in a location that is easily accessible to motorists. In the future, I would like to expand into selling automobile and motorcycle parts.

Help Doris,

Zapateria INCA SPORT - Loan needed US$240.00

Julio Quispe - The are of the hands

Julio has over 15 years working as a shoe repairer in the town of Santa Rosa. He works hard from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Julio has arranged a small space in his home as his workshop. He fixes around 20 pairs of shoes per day: fix, shine and make them look like new. Julio has been attending the entrepreneur classes for April, May and June and his dream is to buy an electric shoe repair machine which will give him the ability to increase his production and be able to rent a locale in the Santa Rosa Market, the only market in town.

Help Julio,

Corazón de Jesús, Volleyball Academy - Loan needed for US$217.00

Zoraida Pariona Carhuanina - The Sport of the Heart

As I child I always excelled in sports. I participated in all the town championships. I have two kids and a husband that love Volleyball, just as I do. My love for children lead me to study to be a teacher but I did not finish the credentials but this gave me the basic knowledge to start a Volleyball Academy. I hope to promote new talents and expand this wonderful sport that has given so much happiness to Peruvians.

Help Zoraida,

Ventas Carmencita - Loan amount needed US$116.00

Carmen Palomino Zavala: The Art to Sell with Joy

Carmen is a happy, enthusiastic woman. She has a tricycle that she uses for display advertisement for all the toys she sells in front of the School Fe y Alegría N° 12. She is at the school when school starts, ends and at recess. She sells trinkets like balls, action figures, craft kits, bubble bottles, hooks and novelty items that are like honey to her clients. Her dream is to sell CDs and DVDs at affordable prices in order to expand her clientele.

Help Carmen,

Fuente de Soda Marubi - Loan amount needed for US$140.00

Emily Saldarriaga Pariona - Sale of breakfast, juice and pastries

I have learned to bake and with my initiative have been doing this for awhile with the support of my family. I see a lot of potential in growth if I work on better planning ahead and being organized with my tasks. I want to sell healthy, varied and good quality food with good service, respect and friendliness.

Help Emily,

Confeccioness Banfis - Loan amount needed US$223.00

Ildaura Cabrera Vega - Tailor Shop: Betting for her daughter's education

Ildaura is a young mother that married at an early age. Life has taught her about perseverance. She emigrated at 12 years old to Uruguay with her husband to look for better opportunities. She returned to Peru and decided to start a taxi business which did not go well since she did not know much about cars. She decides to sell the taxi and start something new. She learned sewing working at different textile shops but the situation was difficult since she worked over 12 hour shifts and was at the mercy of whatever they wanted to pay. It was stressful times. Currently Ildaura bought 4 sewing machines to make all types of clothing. She has sewed for some of the big companies but they pay very little. Her dream is to have her own line of clothing and her own clientele.

Help Ildaura,

Anticucheria Comer Bien - Loan amount needed US$168.00

Octavia Muñoz Olortegui - Sale of 'anticuchos' (cow heart)

Octavia has a strong will to improve her quality of life. She has a supportive family and is a good team worker. She has perseverance, patience and good will. Although she fears competition, price increases and setbacks, she knows that through perseverance, setting definite goals, organization and communication she will be able to expand her sales. Her objective is to buy tables, chairs, proper food containers, a large work table, better illumination system to display her food. She wants to own her own store and become a well known 'anticuchería'.

Help Octavia,

Pescaderia El Mana - Loan amount needed US$160.00

Yanina Luján - Fish and Seafood

Yanina is a young mother who has lived in the town of Santa Rosa since she had a sense of being. As a child she learned from her parents the knowledge of selling fish. So Yanina grew up surrounded by seafood and fish. She would explore, play and eat seafood and fish until one day she thought that this magical animal was more than just a good plate of ceviche or stew. She could envision starting her own company and now Yanina has her own fish stand in the Market Square. She is the most loved fish seller, the one that calls upon you, talks to you, tends to your needs with a pleasant smile and cuts your fish in pieces to your asking.

Help Octavia,